Monday, 10 December 2012


Day 9. The letter I.

INSIDE Petersham Bowlo Sat night.

I was yesterday's letter and I ended up being for Indoors. After a very quick outing to the markets, J and I escaped the windy wiley and spent the rest of the day pretty much indoors. We played with his blocks and made a city for his trains to drive through - before they were smashed down and pulled apart by a giant toddler. We danced to the Beatles did some tickling and hid in the lounge cushions. It was a nice afternoon chilling out at home after a rather LARGE weekend. D and I watched a movie in the evening before going to bed (at a reasonable hour).

And what a large weekend it was. Work Christmas party Friday lunch, gig Friday night, lunch at the Petersham bowlo with friends Sat, a play at a friends house Sat afternoon then back to the bowlo Sat night to see Mike Noga and Ben Salter - which was GREAT! Had an awesome and very very late night which I will probably need all week to recover from.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.

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