Tuesday, 4 December 2012


D and I decided this year we would upgrade the (much loved) Christmas stick to a real live plant.

Whilst wandering through the markets on Sunday I spotted a stall with $5 rosemary bushes and thought one would be perfect. They kinda have a similar vibe to a Christmas tree. They certainly share that nice fresh yet earthy aroma and the leaves/pine needles sorta grow in a similar fashion - spiking upward. So I rummaged up $5 with some gold and silver lying around the house (in the lounge!) and went back later to buy one.

Our usual decorations are hiding in the attic and as this year marks the start of a new 'making' tradition, little Christmas owls were made for the mantle piece using old toilet rolls. The clay ornaments were rolled, baked and hand decorated this evening on D day. You can find the tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess blog.

I added some old fairy lights I had lying around and a work colleague gave me some LED Christmas lights as a present that seem perfect for the rosemary bush. Just the right size.

So there you have it. Our small Christmasy decorated mantle piece pretty much all hand made. I am sure Jasper appreciates it. I am pretending it's all for him when mostly it's just for me!

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