Monday, 3 December 2012


I have joined the A Month of collective. It's a month of A to Z. 26 Days. A blog post for each of them. And each of them themed around a different letter of the alphabet. Lets see how I go?
Why not join in yourself and do something, write something, take a photo or even create something for each letter, each day. Share it or keep it to yourself. Sounds like fun right? Right!

 Day 3. The letter C.

Three days in to this 26 days of A to Z posting and I have already fallen off the wagon. To be honest, I never hopped on the Wagon it seems. BUT it's never too late. I am climbing aboard now and posting three in a row. So C is for Catch-up.

C is also for Christmas. 22 sleeps til Christmas! My oh my. It has landed upon me this year with a thump. Up until the other day I hadn't really given it much thought but on Friday my work colleague was struck by Christmas bug. It happens around this time every year. I arrive at work to find Christmas carols blaring and boxes of tinsel out ready and waiting to be hung from the ceiling. The work Christmas tree is set up and adorned with coloured baubles and lights and there is even a little LED tree on my desk. It was a nice and colourful kick up the backside.

Normally I wouldn't worry so much. In the past I have put up a couple of decorations, found a stick (a bit of a tradition) and hung some paper baubles. But this year, I feel I need to make some effort. I am a mum now and with that comes responsibilities. Magical responsibilities. Santa responsibilities. And even though J is still quite young and may not really 'get it' all yet, traditions need to start somewhere and at sometime. Why not now?

When I think back to what Christmas felt like as a child I start to get really excited for J. There is such comfort in tradition. Safe warm feelings flood into my being of summer nights, family, fun, food, surprises, magic and togetherness. Making Christmas craft on those last few days of school and cleaning your desk in the playground with ajax, watching Christmas cartoons ALL DAY LONG when school had finally finished for the year, picking out the tree with dad from the local servo and then decorating it as a surprise for mum while she was at work, smelling the tree and watching the lights flicker every evening, listening to the Nutcracker and the sound of Christmas beetles hitting the windows at night, walking to Christmas Eve mass with Dad and stopping to admire the lights at that big amazing house on the way home, checking out what was in my stocking before the house woke on Christmas morning and then lining up my presents for show and tell when everyone arrived for lunch...

We are spending Christmas with D's family this year. No doubt they have many traditions of their own to share. I am excited! Kids make Christmas exciting again. It feels so nice to be starting our own Christmas traditions with J, melding together those of our pasts into ones of the future. I hope he looks back and thinks this time of year was pretty magical. It is!

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