Friday, 7 December 2012


Day 7. The letter G.

G for gigs seems rather appropriate today as not only do I have a gig tonight with my band Juniper at the Newsagency in Enmore BUT I purchased tickets to see Nick Cave at the Enmore Theatre this morning. FLOOR TICKETS! WOOHOO! Can you tell I am a little bit excited? I haven't seen the marvellous Nick Cave before. I have somehow missed all his shows these last 15 years. Crazy I know.

Gigs gigs gigs gigs gigs. So many fun musical times coming up over the next couple of weeks/months too.
Ben Salter this Saturday 8 December at the Petersham Bowlo,  a Tumbleweed show in Wollongong in January which I am looking forward too as one of the support bands is Dropping Honey. A plug for my partners band yes but they are tremendously good I promise. 
They are also playing a show at the Petersham Bowlo with another friends band Your Loving Tyrant which I have yet to see in this current transformation. They used to be known as Traces of Nut. Another great band to come out of the Wollongong music scene.

Here are some tracks to listen to as you enjoy your day. Man am I excited about all these gigs. Just have to line up some babysitters! Any takers?

The Coward from Ben Salter's debut album The Cat
Daddy Long Legs (an oldie but a goodie) Tumbleweed
Dancing with the Black Rabbit Dropping Honey
The Bureaucrat Traces of Nut
Dry Juniper

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