Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Day 5. The letter E.

J has been dishing out new words almost every day now. Like pearls before swine, he drops them here and there for mum and dad to pick up and giggle at and sometimes be amazed at just where on earth he learned them. Apart from "Dah-dee" and "Mmahmm", one of his very first words was "St'ah" (star). What a great word! I have probably said that word around him once or twice but not enough to have had an impact I would have thought. He also loves to say "Bawl" (ball) and does a pretty good "Doode" (dude) Now that one he did learn from me.

But words aside, he loves to make animal noises and has been singing along to Old MacDonald with me since he was around 9 months old. The first of the animal sounds was snake = "sssss" (of course). Then came pussy cat = "Brr'aow" and dog = "ha ha ha" (in the style of panting). Bee = "zzt zzt" was soon to follow, as was Cow = "mmmmm" (with rising and falling inflection) and then.... Elephant = "brrrwwww" (with the cow inflection). Hard to explain so why not have a listen here.

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