Thursday, 13 September 2012


An early morning shopping expedition. 
D teaches guitar Thursday mornings so J and I leave the house bright and early and play in the park and do the grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is AWESOME at 7:30/8am. No-one is around.  
In the wars.
My little man seems to be in the wars this week, with a graze on his nose from earlier in the week and now a rather large egg on his forehead from a fall onto the kitchen tiles. Poor possum. Here he is practising today's new skill of threading a lid on and off an empty milk bottle. Pretty clever for 16 months thinks his mum.
Comfort mug.
A not so great photo (sorry, I only have limited skills on my iphone) of a very milky hot chocolate in one of my favourite mugs. These mugs are big black bowls of hug. I love them. A cafe I once worked in used to serve house special chai tea in these monsters. Mmm yum.

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