Monday, 24 September 2012


I came across a post on A Cup of Jo the other day about a new documentary all about happiness, Happy.

Although I am yet to watch the trailer, it got me thinking about the little everyday things that make me happy,
Sharing strawberries with J one of my favourite fruits
Getting the bed all to myself for an hour or so the mornings D gets up with J
Sitting outside in the courtyard with a coffee/tea/beer I love being able to sit outside 
Being able to see the stars this doesn't happen all that often in the city
Swimming being underwater
Music being able to sit and play the piano for a while, sing, listen to D play the guitar or work on a composition
Cuddles with J while we are reading books or watching In the Night Garden
Thin crust pizza with a side salad covered in balsamic vinegar 
Sharing a kiss with D.

The best thing is that most of these, if not all can happen in a day!
What makes you happy?

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