Friday, 30 November 2012


Ok so in my attempt to blog more regularly, AND because I thought it sounded fun and creative, I am joining the A Month Of collective over at JustB. 
In November the challenge was to finish something everyday. In hindsight I should have joined that one as I am stellar at beginnings but not so good with endings. That would have been a nice little challenge. However; December will be a challenge also as it's a month of A to Z. 26 Days. A blog post for each of them. And each of them themed around a different letter of the alphabet. Lets see how I go. 

Why not join in yourself and do something, write something, take a photo or even create something for each letter, each day. Share it or keep it to yourself. Sounds like fun right? Right! 

BTW how cool are the Muppet Alphabet pictures by Mike Boon

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